Compostable Diapers Easily Composted In XACT BioReactor

Compostable baby diapers have apparently created a viable opportunity for new composting business ventures since a couple of new companies in the last few months have contacted XACT about it.  It certainly makes sense given the advancement of  biodegradable technology, regulations for organics diversion and heightened consumer demand.

The BioReactor is a perfect fit for such composting because these facilities need to be located close to the collection route….in other words populated cities.   The in-vessel, rotating drum BioReactor takes up very little space and yet handles large volumes of organic waste.  Plus, the compostable diapers compost very fast with little or no odor, leachate, and emissions.  For new business ventures, the BioReactor technology is a smart choice because no additional labor is required and the overhead is minimal since the drum can sit outside–no matter what the weather.  I could go on an on, but a better idea would be for you to check out the XACT Systems website or contact us directly to discuss this further.  Many thanks, D.























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