In-Vessel Composting System is Put Through Its Paces and Performs Well

Our In-Vessel Composting System Is Being Put Through Its Paces and Performs Well

XACT’s in-vessel composting system is being put to the test in a pilot project using various solid organic materials and amendments.  One of the tests included small animal/bird mortalities as a feedstock.  Recently, one of the superb composts produced used the following feedstocks:

Composting food waste and other organic solid waste with the Compact BioReactor.

In-Vessel Composting System Using XACT Systems’ BioReactor for a
Pilot Project to Test Various Organic Waste Including Food Waste.

This project has been implemented  to confirm the BioReactor’s performance and to determine best practises for the composting process protocols  and feedstocks.  This in-vessel composting system is comprised of a 5′ diameter  x 10′ long vessel, a mixer and conveyor and is situated in a hoop building.  It has been running tests for approximately 6 months trouble free.  Satisfied with the pilot project results, this company is ready to take on the full “meal deal” and   get started commercially on a large scale with a 1060 BioReactor.

The Value of Pilot Projects

Pilot projects allow a facility to:

An in-vessel composting system, such as the Compact BioReactor, lend itself perfectly for pilot projects:

  1. The system is totally self-contained.  Typically, a mixer and conveyor come with the rotating drum in order to facilitate blending and loading.
  2. The BioReactor composting system comes completely wired and ready to go….just plug and play! (3 phase or single phase options)
  3. This composting system comes equipped with variable speed return air fan.
  4. The friction drive systems has extremely low energy requirements.
  5. The system is very quiet and pristine.
  6. The Compact composting system can be place on a flat bed trailer and moved from site to site.




BioReactor Composting System Goes Mobile

5' x 15' Mobille BioReactor with Mixer and Generator

5′ x 15′ Mobille BioReactor with Mixer and Generator

This BioReactor Composting Systems built by XACT is mounted on a rugged dual axle trailer for an operation which needs to travel from site to site–including remote locations. So, it has its own generator mounted on the front  (silver box).  The  entire system includes a  5′ x 15′ insulated BioReactor, a mixer/blender with conveyor, a control panel and the generator.  The volume of organic waste the 5 x 15 rotating drum can compost per day, based on a 4 day retention, is about 1.9 cubic yards (this value can vary depending on the waste to be composted and the length of time the waste remains in the BioReactor).  As you would expect from XACT, this mobile unit is available in other sizes of vessels and it can be made stationary as well.  Why you can even order this system with a bio-filter if need be.  It is perfect for pilot projects, R & D, institutional use, urban locations–the list goes on and on.   Feel free to contact us to discuss your next composting project.  Many thanks.  D

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Composter Ideal For Schools’ Green Initiatives.

Compact BioReactor Discharge End

Compact BioReactor Discharge End

Compact BioReactors like this one can have a big impact on a school’s organic waste management challenges.  It has fast throughput, produces stable compost in 4 to 7 days, produces no odors or emissions.  It is suitable for situations where 1 to 4 cubic yards of waste need to be processed daily.  This BioReactor has a friction drive and it is powered by a 1.5 hp motor.

This technology is ideal for schools or universities.  If you are concerned about teaching good environmental values and indeed acting in an environmentally responsible way, then the BioReactor could be just what you need.  Why not consider this unit for a pilot project.   As you can see, the footprint required is pint sized, and it is easy to use, clean and quiet to operate, and controls odors.  The opportunity to save hauling costs and enhance your “Green” image is available now…so why not find out a more.  It would be my pleasure to help answer any questions about how the BioReactor can enhance your leadership in the community and commitment to the environment.

XACT Systems Has a New Website & New Video

Check out the new website with the new video of the XACT BioReactor for making compost from waste.  Please feel free to contact us and ask for the full length video to show your colleagues and/or boss.  It could be the best move you make for the success of your company and you!

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