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The BioReactor Composting System has been designed for easy installation and can be installed in 4 hours with proper lifting devices.  “The Bio Reactor is run-up and tested at the manufacturing plant.”  Click Here to watch the Test Run Up Video

Indian Facility Bldg

Composting MSW in India

These 3 BioReactors are part of a comprehensive solid organic processing facility in Goa, India. The BioReactor Composting System by XACT Systems Inc. handles all the composting portion of the waste management treatment.

Composting Mexico


Odor control is easily achieved with the BioReactor from XACT Systems.

Composting Food Waste & Emissions Collection

For better moisture and odor control, this composter has duct work exhausting air out of the vessel through the discharge end of the composter. If need be, the exhausted air / duct work could be direct to a biofilter.

At the Alaska Waste headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska, the XACT System’s composting system allows the waste hauler to compost food waste from grocery stores and horse manure for the surrounding community. The 10’ x 30’ BioReactor began production in January 2009 and has been able to consistently produce quality compost at a rate of 30 cubic yards per 5 -day work week.

Resort Hotel Composting Food Waste In Cancun

Food waste composted with the in-vessel composter by XACT is solving the organic waste problem of an 8,000 room hotel in Cancun, Mexico. The Cancun Palace Resort generates 2500 tons of organic waste per year, and they wanted/needed to reduce their high waste haulage costs and landfill tipping fees. In addition, the hotel management wanted to take meaningful action to reduce their GHG emissions.  The 10’ x 40’ (3m x 12m) BioReactor is composting food waste from the kitchens and dining rooms as well as green and brown gardening residue. The waste is processed in the in-vessel composter for 5 days. Upon discharge, the compost is pathogen-free, weed seed-free and virtually odorless.

In vessel composters composting 3 different organic waste streams

Composting Chicken Waste Streams

Two full size BioReactors are composting 2 waste streams at a Brazilian chicken processing integrated processing plant The 3rd smaller BioReactor is processing other waste streams on a trial basis.

In China, a 3m x 12m (10’ x 40’) BioReactor is composting chicken manure.  The manure is retained in the composting system for 5 days.

panel orginal

Another poultry operation is composting their poultry waste from laying hens with a 6’ x 30’ (1.8m x 9m) BioReactor. It was installed 2014 on the farm which is located in Vermont. The poultry manure is being blended with sawdust and dried grass clippings and then is loaded into the BioReactor where the waste material is retained for 4 to 6 days.  Stabilization 2 – 3 weeks.  Used for soil enhancement and restoration.


Blue Container 2
customized container Sri Lanka

This 5’ x 10’ (1.5m x 3m) BioReactor Composting System is built into a 40’ (12m) customized container.  It is in operation in Sri Lanka.


Dairy Farm Installations

A 10’ x 60’ (3m x 18m) BioReactor was installed 2009 at a 1700 cow dairy farm.   The BioReactor is composting dewatered dairy manure.  The retention time is 4 days and there is no stabilization period.  The compost is used for bedding the herd and soil restoration.

This 10'x 60' In Vessel Composter by XACT will compost manure for bedding from the 1700 cow herd.

Also operating at a dairy farm operation, this 10’ x 60’ (3m x 18m) BioReactor composts the dewatered manure.