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Reaching To The Future of Composting


XACT Systems composting technology, the BioReactor composter, offers an accelerated, automated, and aerobic composting system.  This rotating drum composter with its advanced technological monitoring and control system handily overcomes the tremendous challenge of sustainable, responsible management of huge volumes of solid organic waste.   

  • Municipalities (food waste, biosolids, household waste, yard and leaf waste etc.)

  • Farms (cow manure, horse manure, poultry litter, mortalities, hatchery waste etc.)

  • Industry (processing wastes, grease trap waste, renderings and sludge etc.)


With the BioReactor Composting System, reaching to the future of composting is possible now.  XACT’s vision is to:

  • Reduce dependency on landfills by diverting organics

  • Treat biosolids and manure before they are applied to the land

  • Convert solid organics into an earth-friendly soil amendment.


The BioReactor Composting System has been designed for easy installation and can be installed in 4 hours with proper lifting devices. The Bio Reactor is run-up and tested at the manufacturing plant. This in vessel composting technology offers a complete “green” solution that can provide better-than-average Return on Investment. 


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