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The XACT BioReactor is available in 5’ to 10’ (1.5m to 3m) diameters and in lengths from 10’ to 60’ (3m x 18m).  It is built to heavy-duty standards that can handle the rigors of turning tons of material 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.


Containerized BioReactor Composting System

This complete composting system is built into a 40’ (12m) customized container. It has a clean quiet and pristine appearance making it ideally suited for city settings such as hospitals, universities, shopping malls. The system includes the Model 510 BioReactor, Vertical Mixer, Conveyors, and Loading Device. Installation of this containerized system is fast and easy–simply “Plug and Play”!

Composter Discharge End

Automated Discharge Auger

  • Easy unloading with the auger

Fixed End

  • Spring loaded

  • The ends of the composter are fixed to the frame.  Only the vessel itself rotates

Negative Ventilation Fan

  • Draws ambient air into the BioReactor through the infeed end and discharges it out the outfeed end of the BioReactor.

  • Start/stop and speed of fan is automated.


Automated Control Panel

The Control Panel with its PLC/Timer feature is the brains of the of the BioReactor Composting System.  It controls the load capacity of the organic waste with optional sensors/weigh cells.  Also, it starts/stops the vertical mixer, the conveyors and the discharge auger.  In addition, the Control Panel determines the speed of the ventilation fan in order to maintain ideal aerobic composting conditions. The Control Panel makes management easier and allows for remote monitoring.

Composter Drive System

The BioReactor is a rotating vessel that is supported by 4 trunnion wheels.  In turn, these trunnion wheels are driven by 4 Friction Drives.  Each drive is a simple planetary, low horsepower motor with easy maintenance.  If any one of the drives should fail, the other 3 drives are able to maintain the rotation of the vessel. This redundancy is vital to any composting operation because downtime would be a disaster….the waste material never stops coming.

unit on truck

Easy Installation

Installation of the XACT Composting Equipment is very simple.  The frame and ends are placed and bolted in place.  The vessel is unloaded using a crane and place on the frame.  The ends are moved in and bolted in place.  Done!

Blending Mixer

The Blending Mixer is used to measure and blend the feedstocks prior to loading into the BioReactor. Mixers are available in many sizes and configurations in order to match the operational requirements.