Rotating drum composting technology by XACT Systems is a time saver (and therefore money maker) from start to finish.

Beginning with installation, the XACT BioReactor Composting System is engineered in such a manner that it can be installed in 4 hours.  AND, this quick assembly can be accomplished by average workmen.  In other words, a manufacturer installation specialist is NOT required.  Furthermore, this rotating drum composting technology comes ready for easy electrical hook up followed by east start up…a neat example of “plug and play”!  Click here to see some examples of installations using the BioReactor.  The installation pictured here is at Interstate Septic Sludge in Maine.

Rotating drum composting technology

The BioReactor is engineered in such a manner so that the installation can be done easily and quickly…typically 4 hours will do it!

The most impressive time saving feature of the BioReactor Composting Systems in the length of time it takes to process and transform solid organic waste into compost.  Typically, the processing time is 4 days! What? How?  The BioReactor does so by tightly controlling the factors that are needed for natural decomposition to occur. The rotating drum provides a perfect environment for the decomposition process to occur.  The naturally occurring aerobic bacteria do the actual decomposition work, and the BioReactor provides the perfect setting by controlling all the relevant factors—moisture, oxygen, temperature—within the specific parameters that good composting requires  as per Mother Nature!  The time that the waste remains in the vessel is called retention time and this can vary depending on the type of waste to be composted. Typically, 4 days is sufficient to achieve compost that is about 75% mature (decomposed) and pathogen free, weed seed free, insect larvae free and virtually odorless.

Depending on the intended use of the compost, a final curing period maybe required.  Fortunately, with the BioReactor rotating drum composting technology, the curing period is faster than a “rocket full of monkeys.”  Specifically, upon discharge from the BioReactor, the compost is about 75% mature. In order to obtain maximum maturity (again, this curing period is not required for all uses of compost), the compost should be cured for an additional 14 days or so (the length of time can vary). During this period, the compost should be sheltered and internal pile temperatures controlled within EPA regulation standards.

As any business man/woman can tell you, saving time is equivalent to saving money.

The faster and easier the installation, the less money spent on labour and materials.   The faster the throughput (making compost), the quicker the compost is sold, and the quicker revenue is generated.  There are many other features of the BioReactor rotating drum composting technology that will save composting operations money and create revenue.  Please feel free to contact us directly to learn more.  If you click here, you can send us an outline of your project and we can and will get back to you QUICKLY!




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