BioReactor Composting System with composter, mixer and infeed conveyor

Small scale in vessel composting system engineered to compost food waste, paper, and many other types of organic waste material.

Small Scale Composting Equipment: Compact BioReactor

When small scale composting equipment is needed, the Compact BioReactor is the ideal choice.  It is well suited for facilities located in urban, highly populated, or environmentally challenged sites.

Due to its scaled-down size and fast processing, the BioReactor is an excellent choice for:

• Golf Courses
• Universities
• Hospitals
• Restaurants
• Convention Centers
• Amusement Parks
• Shopping Malls

Pilot Projects

In cases, where pilot projects are needed, the Compact BioReactor is perfect for demonstrating successful composting of your specific waste stream.  Also the smaller scale of the composting system has a reasonably small “foot print”.  The size of the drum required is calculated based on volume of waste and amendments to be composted.

• Available in 5’ and 6’ diameter vessels with various lengths.

Emergency Response

A Compact BioReactor System provides an effective emergency response solution to disasters with bio-security risks. Situations involving mortalities (animals of any size can be handled; larger animals are ground prior to loading), litter, manure, and other sorts of raw solid organic waste can be converted quickly in order to mitigate potential damage that could result. This small scale composting equipment can designed so that the need for human contact with the risky waste material is eliminated.

The XACT organics composting process meets U.S. EPA regulations for stable, pathogen-free compost production.  

Fast Processing

The BioReactor handles a range of volumes and process them quickly, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. This highly engineered and fabricated equipment is manufactured in size ranges which allow for the processing of wastes between 1 and 4.3 cubic yards per day.  Bio-filter add-ons are easily installed should local regulations require it.

Clean, Safe, Quiet and Professionally Sited

• All the organic waste produced on a daily basis is quickly loaded with automatic conveyors into the BioReactor which means the site is clean.  In other words, there are no piles or containers of rotting waste to contend with.  The process is fully contained thus eliminating any concern for potential odor or vector intrusion
• Equipment meets OSHA Safety Standards.
• Remarkably small electric motor powers the drive so that the operation is quiet.
• The BioReactor and supporting equipment have a professional finish and the installation is pristine in appearance.

Year-Round Operation

The vessel is adequately insulated for year-round operation, and therefore, does not have to be in an enclosed structure.  This feature eliminates the need for expensive and usable building floor space.  The composting process of organic waste in XACT’s small scale composting equipment is controlled and therefore fast and complete.  Also, weather concerns such as precipitation, temperature, humidity, and wind-chill are eliminated because of the enclosed vessel.

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