XACT’s BioReactor Selected by Mexico Composter Company

XACT Systems’ BioReactor has been selected by COMPOSTAmex of Mexico to provide in-vessel, rotating drum composting solutions for their world renown clients.

COMPOSTAmex has over 12 years of successful experience in providing traditional composting equipment and guidance for solid organic waste conversion.   Recently, just as in other regions, COMPOSTAmex has recognized that some situations require faster processing in tightly confined spaces, yet still producing excellent quality compost.  Enter the BioReactor….which does all of this and more!   Armed with the BioReactor, COMPOSTAmex has broadened its opportunities to include a variety of manufacturing operations such as auto plant facilities, tequila manufacturers, resorts, computer companies, food production plants and so on.  Food waste, cafeteria waste, processing waste and other organic materials commonly found on such sites will be “grist for the mill” (feedstocks).  We are honored to have been chosen by COMPOSTAmex and look forward to serving them and their clients.  Gracias!

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