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10' x 60' BioReactor

10′ x 60′ BioReactor

We got a call a while back from a very smart farmer who has been putting compost on a crop field for 3 years now.  In comparison, he has another crop field where he has not applied compost at all.  This spring when he worked up the fields, he made a significant discovery.  In the field without compost, he had to drive his tractor 2 miles / hour slower (than the composted field) and used 16 gallons/hour of diesel fuel. On the field with compost, he was able to drive his tractor 2 miles / hour faster and only used 7 gallons of diesel fuel / hour.  With the cost of fuel these days, this is truly a significant savings.  If you are looking for ways to cut operating costs, here is a sure fire one.  Plus, the in-vessel, rotating drum

BioReactor can turn your manure into pathogen free compost in 3 to 4 days which can also be used as bedding for the herd as well as a soil amendment. When you start to calculate ALL the savings, the XACT BioReactor offers a return on your investment which out performs any other piece of equipment you will have on your farm.  If this seems hard to believe, just give us a call to check it out for your farming operation.  Many thanks.  D

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