Composting Septic Sludge

Composting Septic Sludge Tests Prove Successful

Composting septic sludge in 5 days AND making compost that is pathogen free is possible with the BioReactor by XACT Systems Inc.   In this testing project, the septic sludge is combined with other materials in order to make a balanced recipe of organics with a C:N ratio in the ideal range (20:1 to 30:1).  This is the vital first step in composting solid organic waste quickly and making compost that is pathogen free.  The second step is to compost this proper mixture in the BioReactor which is an in vessel rotating drum composter.  The composter rotates slowly and constantly.  The rotation tumbles the waste material inside the drum and exposes all of the material to the ambient oxygen.  The aerobic bacteria which naturally reside in the organic waste will decompose it.  The fact that all the bacteria are getting all the oxygen they need to do a great job of breaking down the material means that the waste will compost quickly and with little or no odor.  The innovative features of this 5′ diameter x 10′ long BioReactor allow the temperatures of the composting process to hit temperatures of 145 degrees Fahrenheit  to 170 degrees Fahrenheit and maintain it there.  Once these high temperatures are achieved, the septic sludge is exposed to this heat for 72 hours (as per the protocol stated by the EPA standard for pathogen kill in a composting process). After 5 days, the compost is discharged and it looks and smells like dirt.  It will make an excellent soil amendment and be a valuable revenue stream for this composting operation.

When composting septic sludge at 170 degrees for 5 days, pathogen free compost is guaranteed.

Composting Septic Sludge is made easy in the BioReactor. The processing temperatures are running between 145 degrees and 170 degrees.

Composting septic sludge with a rotating drum composter.

This BioReactor is 5′ diameter and 10′ long and is currently composting septic sludge.

Field of Significance!

10' x 60' BioReactor

10′ x 60′ BioReactor

We got a call a while back from a very smart farmer who has been putting compost on a crop field for 3 years now.  In comparison, he has another crop field where he has not applied compost at all.  This spring when he worked up the fields, he made a significant discovery.  In the field without compost, he had to drive his tractor 2 miles / hour slower (than the composted field) and used 16 gallons/hour of diesel fuel. On the field with compost, he was able to drive his tractor 2 miles / hour faster and only used 7 gallons of diesel fuel / hour.  With the cost of fuel these days, this is truly a significant savings.  If you are looking for ways to cut operating costs, here is a sure fire one.  Plus, the in-vessel, rotating drum

BioReactor can turn your manure into pathogen free compost in 3 to 4 days which can also be used as bedding for the herd as well as a soil amendment. When you start to calculate ALL the savings, the XACT BioReactor offers a return on your investment which out performs any other piece of equipment you will have on your farm.  If this seems hard to believe, just give us a call to check it out for your farming operation.  Many thanks.  D

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