XACT BioReactor Turns Waste Into Revenue

No doubt, you have heard this:  Waste is not waste until you waste it!  This is so true.  If your operation is generating a solid organic waste material, don’t just get rid of it because it can be converted to a revenue generating commodity.  Don’t waste your waste….compost it with the XACT BioReactor.  No matter whether the material is food waste, biosolids, manure, or any solid organic, it can be successfully composted.  The BioReactor allows you to compost on your site using a very small footprint and do so in a fast, quiet, odor-free fashion.  The other good news is that composting with the BioReactor pencils very, very well.  By eliminating typical haulage costs, tipping fees, storage costs etc, you can realize a timely return on your investment.  If the next step is then taken–that is marketing the compost, the added revenue generated by the sales of the superior compost that the BioReactor creates goes straight to your bottom line.  Remarkably, it truly is all good, so I encourage you to investigate this opportunity.

Waste not, want not!  Many thanks.  D

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