In-vessel composter is composting dewatered dairy cow manure.

This BioReactor is 10′ x 60′ long and is composting 120 cubic yards of solid organic waste per day. The waste is resident in the composter for 4 days; therefore, the daily throughput is 30 cubic yards per day.


In-Vessel Composter: The BioReactor

The XACT BioReactors are large scale in-vessel composters that convert huge volumes of solid organic waste into compost in as little as 3 to 7 days. The XACT BioReactor is available in 5’ to 10’ diameters and in lengths from 10’ to 60’.  Although it is a simple design, it is built to heavy-duty standards in order to withstand the rigors of turning tons and tons of material 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

For example, a 10’ x 60’ long BioReactor is turning 75 tons of waste up to 240 times per day!


The BioReactor in-vessel composter rotates at about 5 to 10 rph, and is driven by a variable speed drive unit(s) using a 4-D Friction Drives Power the In-Vessel Compostersurprisingly low hp motor. The size of motor depends on the size of the vessel but ranges from 5 to 10 hp.  Note that the ends of the BioReactor are fixed and only the cylinder rotates.

4 Friction Drives Rotate the BioReactor

4 Friction Drives Rotate the BioReactor

There are no temperamental interior plungers , fins or paddles. The organic material simply moves along the vessel as it decomposes and becomes lighter and fluffier.

Soft Touch Screen Control Panel (Optional)

In-Vessel Composter Site Layout

This 3 in-vessel composter system shows a feed stock prep building with a grinder and a mixer, and a 5-bay

In-Vessel Composter Uses BioFilters For Odor Control

In-Vessel Composter Uses BioFilters For Odor Control

compost storage building. In addition, there is a biofilter installed in the ground (the grey area along the length of the lower drum) which is cleaning the exhausted air.

One of the great advantages of the XACT in-vessel composter technology is that as your operational needs increase, additional drums can be easily added–increasing your capacity with no down time. This is just one of the many possible layouts that could be designed for you!

Auxiliary Equipment Available

Check out these Composting Installations for food waste, horse manure, and dairy manure:

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