If you compost the residue from the anaerobic digestion process with XACT’s BioReactor, then you will be extracting all the value from the waste.  After all, isn’t that what we are going for?  The extraction of methane and generation of electricity is great as far as it goes, but there is tremendous value still remaining in the waste from this process.  Taking advantage of this value is easy with the composter by XACT.  The resulting compost is bankable both from a commodity point of view and soil amendment point of view.

Compost made by the BioReactor is high quality therefore demanding a higher price than average.  Or, it replaces sand or sawdust as a bedding material therefore eliminating out-sourced bedding material.  Or, compost reconditions crop fields (with numerous benefits) so that fertilizer costs will be reduced.  So, please consider composting as the final stage of  the anaerobic digester process and reap ALL the benefits.  Leave nothing to waste!

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