Composting Multiple Organic Waste Streams Separately? No Big Deal

Composting Multiple Organic Waste Streams Separately?  No Big Deal

Composting multiple organic waste streams separately is no big deal.  Do so with a very small footprint and in just 6-7 days–so now there is something to talk about!   This is all  possible with the BioReactor Composting Technology by XACT Systems.

Composting multiple organic waste streams separately? No big deal

Two full size BioReactors are composting 2 waste streams at an integrated processing plant. The 3rd smaller BioReactor is processing other waste streams on a trial basis.

This installation is operating with 3 BioReactors in order to quickly compost multiple waste streams (slaughterhouse sludge, hatchery waste, wood chips).  2 of the composters are permanently situated and each is composting a different organic waste. The smaller third composter is temporarily in place to conduct trials of various other organic waste streams.   As you can see, these vessels are housed under a single roof.  The land requirement for this composting system is pretty small compared to other methods of composting which would require a large acreage to compost the same amount of waste.

How the BioReactor Composting Technology Works:

The BioReactor  is an in vessel rotating drum that provides the perfect environment for the composting process to take place which means that the composting process happens very, very fast.   Small Land Requirement:   These larger 2 units are 10′ x 60′ (3m x 18m). Heat:  The continual rotation of the BioReactor controls the temperatures of the composting process in optimal range.  Oxygen:  Plus, ALL the tumbling waste material is exposed to the oxygen in the air at all times, so decomposition process is completely aerobic.  Capacity:  The BioReactors can process large volumes of waste per day…in this case each vessel is processing 22 tons per day.

Composting Multiple Organic Waste Streams Separately? No big deal

This Composting Facility with the BioReactor Composting System and curing area is located in Brazil.

Composting multiple organic waste streams separately? No big deal–so please get in touch by phone (613-399-5686) or email to learn more!

Composter Ideal For Schools’ Green Initiatives.

Compact BioReactor Discharge End

Compact BioReactor Discharge End

Compact BioReactors like this one can have a big impact on a school’s organic waste management challenges.  It has fast throughput, produces stable compost in 4 to 7 days, produces no odors or emissions.  It is suitable for situations where 1 to 4 cubic yards of waste need to be processed daily.  This BioReactor has a friction drive and it is powered by a 1.5 hp motor.

This technology is ideal for schools or universities.  If you are concerned about teaching good environmental values and indeed acting in an environmentally responsible way, then the BioReactor could be just what you need.  Why not consider this unit for a pilot project.   As you can see, the footprint required is pint sized, and it is easy to use, clean and quiet to operate, and controls odors.  The opportunity to save hauling costs and enhance your “Green” image is available now…so why not find out a more.  It would be my pleasure to help answer any questions about how the BioReactor can enhance your leadership in the community and commitment to the environment.

XACT BioReactor Debuts in Brazil

The XACT BioReactor had its debut in Brazil at the MERCOAGRO 2010 trade show this past week.  Our Brazilian

Intecnial's 5 x 15 BioReactor

Intecnial’s 5 x 15 BioReactor

partner, Intecnial, conducted many consultations about the remarkable composting that can be achieved with the BioReactor.  Well established in the construction and engineering industry and in a broad spectrum of sectors, Intecnial S.A., a company with over 2000 employees,  is now seriously involved in large scale organic waste composting projects.  And rightly so–Brazil has a population of 190 million people, and has a growing economy currently ranked 8th in the world.  With it’s fast growth, Brazil’s economy is projected in the decade or so to rank among the top 5 in world.  Intecnial’s leaders realize that with prosperity comes waste–and lots of it.  Because the in-vessel, rotating drum composter technology by XACT offers a sustainable management strategy to reliably and hastily convert solid organic waste to great compost with beneficial properties, it is an excellent “fit” for Intecnial’s and Brazil’s future.  Thanks for allowing us to be a part of it!!!

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