New Video of the XACT BioReactor

Next week, we will be visiting the dairy farm in Wisconsin that recently purchased the 10′ x 60′ BioReactor by XACT.  It will be the first time we have seen it in action on the farm, so we are really looking forward to it. The top priority while there is to video the mammoth BioReactor rotating with the load of manure and capturing the infeed and discharge procedures.  Also, the new 4-D Friction Drives which are powering the BioReactor with only 3 hp motors on each drive will be of featured on the video as well.  Finally, I would like to get the movement of the discharge door on the video too.  Because it is such a simple (boring) machine that is it for moving parts.  If you would like to get a copy of the video, just let me know.  Better yet, if you want to see the BioReactor in action on the farm just get in touch any time.  Of course, I will get still photos as well, and will share them with you soon.  Many thanks, D

Newest XACT BioReactor Ready To Ship To Wisconsin Dairy

In-Vessel Rotating Drum Composter.  The 10' diameter x 60'  long BioReactor will compost dairy manure

In-Vessel Rotating Drum Composter. The 10′ diameter x 60′ long BioReactor will compost dairy manure

The newest XACT BioReactor is ready to ship to a Wisconsin Dairy Farm which will allow these dairymen to compost the manure and sell it!  Smart thinking–because now, not only do they make money from the milk, but also from the manure too.

The BioReactor is 10′ diameter x 60′ long; it weighs 83,000 lbs; has a capacity of 120 cubic yards (based on 70% of total) and will hold 150,000 lbs of waste.  The composting protocol utilizes a 4-day retention period processing about 30 cubic yards per day.

The 150,000 lbs of manure will be turned 240 TIMES PER DAY, and will be driven by  4 Friction Drives–each one being only 3 hp.  So amazing….but it is true!

Please get in touch if you would like to see the XACT BioReactor when it is up and running or simply want to learn more.  Many thanks.  D








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Compost From Food Waste Produced by XACT BioReactor is Certifiable!

Christina and Jeremiah Eneix of Green Earth Landworks in Anchorage Alaska purchases the compost produced by the XACT BioReactor which is owned and operated by Alaska Green Waste Solutions. The compost is produced using food waste, horse manure and wood chips.

Compost from the BioReactor is used to give young plants a good start!

Compost from the BioReactor is used to give young plants a good start!

When Green Earth Landworks receives the compost, it is cured in static piles, and, due to the severity of the weather conditions, the piles are inoculated with a microbial package to enhance the final maturation of the compost.  The mature compost is blended with top soil for bulk sales at the nursery.  It is also used for top dressing, erosion control socks filler.  These socks are used by the DOT which requires the compost be certified.  The lab reports show that the compost passes all the tests with flying colors!  Please get in touch if you would like a copy of the report!

Field of Significance!

10' x 60' BioReactor

10′ x 60′ BioReactor

We got a call a while back from a very smart farmer who has been putting compost on a crop field for 3 years now.  In comparison, he has another crop field where he has not applied compost at all.  This spring when he worked up the fields, he made a significant discovery.  In the field without compost, he had to drive his tractor 2 miles / hour slower (than the composted field) and used 16 gallons/hour of diesel fuel. On the field with compost, he was able to drive his tractor 2 miles / hour faster and only used 7 gallons of diesel fuel / hour.  With the cost of fuel these days, this is truly a significant savings.  If you are looking for ways to cut operating costs, here is a sure fire one.  Plus, the in-vessel, rotating drum

BioReactor can turn your manure into pathogen free compost in 3 to 4 days which can also be used as bedding for the herd as well as a soil amendment. When you start to calculate ALL the savings, the XACT BioReactor offers a return on your investment which out performs any other piece of equipment you will have on your farm.  If this seems hard to believe, just give us a call to check it out for your farming operation.  Many thanks.  D

XACT BioReactor Turns Waste Into Revenue

No doubt, you have heard this:  Waste is not waste until you waste it!  This is so true.  If your operation is generating a solid organic waste material, don’t just get rid of it because it can be converted to a revenue generating commodity.  Don’t waste your waste….compost it with the XACT BioReactor.  No matter whether the material is food waste, biosolids, manure, or any solid organic, it can be successfully composted.  The BioReactor allows you to compost on your site using a very small footprint and do so in a fast, quiet, odor-free fashion.  The other good news is that composting with the BioReactor pencils very, very well.  By eliminating typical haulage costs, tipping fees, storage costs etc, you can realize a timely return on your investment.  If the next step is then taken–that is marketing the compost, the added revenue generated by the sales of the superior compost that the BioReactor creates goes straight to your bottom line.  Remarkably, it truly is all good, so I encourage you to investigate this opportunity.

Waste not, want not!  Many thanks.  D

Compost the Residue From Anaerobic Digester

If you compost the residue from the anaerobic digestion process with XACT’s BioReactor, then you will be extracting all the value from the waste.  After all, isn’t that what we are going for?  The extraction of methane and generation of electricity is great as far as it goes, but there is tremendous value still remaining in the waste from this process.  Taking advantage of this value is easy with the composter by XACT.  The resulting compost is bankable both from a commodity point of view and soil amendment point of view.

Compost made by the BioReactor is high quality therefore demanding a higher price than average.  Or, it replaces sand or sawdust as a bedding material therefore eliminating out-sourced bedding material.  Or, compost reconditions crop fields (with numerous benefits) so that fertilizer costs will be reduced.  So, please consider composting as the final stage of  the anaerobic digester process and reap ALL the benefits.  Leave nothing to waste!

In-Vessel Rotating Drum Composter Converts Food Waste to Compost

This in-vessel rotating drum composter is composting food waste, and interestingly enough, the amendment being used in horse manure.  The operators of this facility know that in order to get good quality compost out, they need to put the right blend of feedstocks in.  The constraints of the blend consists of:  1) a proper percentage of moisture and  2)  the correct proportion of Carbon to Nitrogen.  Because the food waste stream on its own did not meet these constraints, there would need to be an amendment added to the food waste.  The horse manure was available and also needed to be disposed of, so this composting facility determined the right blend of these 2 waste streams, and are now indeed, producing very good compost.  No less than a triple win!

This BioReactor is composting food waste.

This BioReactor is composting food waste.

XACT Systems Has a New Website & New Video

Check out the new website with the new video of the XACT BioReactor for making compost from waste.  Please feel free to contact us and ask for the full length video to show your colleagues and/or boss.  It could be the best move you make for the success of your company and you!

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