I Want 3 Tractor Trailer Loads of This Compost Right Away!

Last fall we were at a trade show and on the table of our booth we had a bucket of fresh compost from our customer’s BioReactor.  It was great looking compost–dry, fluffy, no odor and so on.  So, a gentleman walked by the booth, took one look at the compost and said, “I want 3 tractor trailer loads of this compost right away!”  We were flabbergasted.  This man was in the business of growing organic hops for an organic beer brewer, and the compost from the BioReactor was just what he needed to boost the health of his soil and get better crop yields.  What really got him enthusiastic was the quality of the compost and that he could get all that he wanted so close to his farm.

Compost Discharged After 4 Days

Compost Discharged After 4 Days

You see, our customer is composting the manure from a 1700 cow dairy herd, and there is lots and lots and lots of compost being produced from the manure on a daily basis.  Typically, upon discharge after 4 days, the compost is about 75% mature which means all the pathogens have been killed, the weed seeds are destroyed and there is virtually no odor.  This compost is ready to spread on a field and is an excellent soil amendment from so many perspectives…moisture retention, organics booster, nutrient value, suppresses plant disease, controls weeds, balances the soils pH and improve the soil structure.    This compost has tremendous value which positively impacts the bottom line–and this hop grower knew that.  Needless to say, we connected the hops grower to our customer.

Time after time, we get asked by people who are evaluating the prospect of composting solid organic waste (regardless of what the waste is), they wonder “What can I do with the compost?”  They don’t realize the value of the product they are making because they are only focused on finding a solution to get rid of the troublesome waste.  But, by making GOOD compost from the waste, they now have created an opportunity to make money from the product (compost) in addition to solving their waste management problem.  Evidently, there a many markets available to compost producers, and it is just a matter of making the connection.  When the composting operation makes consistent high quality compost such as that which can be produced by the BioReactor, the customers may indeed beat a path to your door!   Many thanks for you time today, and please let me know if we can be of any help to you with your waste management problems, AND marketing your compost!  D




Mitigate Gas Price Increase By Upgrading to BioReactor

Gas price increases, according to industry analysts, are here to stay, and will affect every aspect of your business–especially waste management costs.

When you are thinking about how to mitigate these cost increases, please consider the BioReactor by XACT as your solid organic waste solution. The enclosed rotating drum BioReactor Composting System….

…does not use gas or diesel fuel (imagine no fuel bill at all)!
…runs on electricity with extremely low energy consumption.

…is advanced composting technology which allows for composting on site (thus eliminating haulage fees and tipping fees).

…is available in sizes small enough to suit a commercial plants, universities, hospitals, schools, grocery stores, resorts, hotels, zoos, entertainment facilities and much more.

…is also available in sizes large enough for organic waste diversion programs from landfills on the scale of municipalities, food processing plants, agricultural operations, and biosolids from waste water treatment facilities.
…has proven over and over again to be the best business decision you can make in terms of organic waste management.

….pencils the best of all the composting methods available today when you consider and calculate what are the total costs versus how much money you can save and make!

…the shortest time frame for Return on Investment…in other words, the BioReactor will have paid for itself long before other technologies including windrow operations.

Contact us anytime to find out how the XACT BioReactor can help you reduce your fuel bill and at the same time increase your revenue.

Its easier than you think, so let’s get started.

Many thanks.  D



35% Solid Content is Ideal for Composting

If you are mulling over the possibility of composting solid organics, please do  check with any composting authority such as the Composting Association of the UK, Cornell University, or the US Composting Council.  There you will learn that the ideal dry matter content for successful composting of any organic material  is 35%.   If, in your operation, the dry matter is lower, you will also find an abundance of information about suitable amendments and much, much more.   Good information is at hand, so seek it out.  It goes with out saying, if XACT can be of any help, please feel free to give us a shout.  Many thanks.  D

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Composter Ideal For Schools’ Green Initiatives.

Compact BioReactor Discharge End

Compact BioReactor Discharge End

Compact BioReactors like this one can have a big impact on a school’s organic waste management challenges.  It has fast throughput, produces stable compost in 4 to 7 days, produces no odors or emissions.  It is suitable for situations where 1 to 4 cubic yards of waste need to be processed daily.  This BioReactor has a friction drive and it is powered by a 1.5 hp motor.

This technology is ideal for schools or universities.  If you are concerned about teaching good environmental values and indeed acting in an environmentally responsible way, then the BioReactor could be just what you need.  Why not consider this unit for a pilot project.   As you can see, the footprint required is pint sized, and it is easy to use, clean and quiet to operate, and controls odors.  The opportunity to save hauling costs and enhance your “Green” image is available now…so why not find out a more.  It would be my pleasure to help answer any questions about how the BioReactor can enhance your leadership in the community and commitment to the environment.

Compost the Residue From Anaerobic Digester

If you compost the residue from the anaerobic digestion process with XACT’s BioReactor, then you will be extracting all the value from the waste.  After all, isn’t that what we are going for?  The extraction of methane and generation of electricity is great as far as it goes, but there is tremendous value still remaining in the waste from this process.  Taking advantage of this value is easy with the composter by XACT.  The resulting compost is bankable both from a commodity point of view and soil amendment point of view.

Compost made by the BioReactor is high quality therefore demanding a higher price than average.  Or, it replaces sand or sawdust as a bedding material therefore eliminating out-sourced bedding material.  Or, compost reconditions crop fields (with numerous benefits) so that fertilizer costs will be reduced.  So, please consider composting as the final stage of  the anaerobic digester process and reap ALL the benefits.  Leave nothing to waste!

The “NOW” Composter

Are you frustrated with the tremendous amount of organic waste created in our communities along with the persistent total lack of creativity in ways of disposing of it?  Perhaps the answer to this problem can be found in the wisdom of 2 ideas. 1) Think Globally, Act Locally. 2) Grassroots Action. At XACT Systems, where I work, we offer a composting system that will allow you to take action now with an environmentally and economically viable system – on a extremely small footprint – handling the amount of waste per day that you need to – odor control up the wazoo – within the confines of your community. At the core of the system is the BioReactor which converts organic waste into compost NOW. Your concern is our concern and that is why the XACT BioReactor was created….to be part of the solution. I would be very grateful, if you would take a look at this system when you get a free minute. Many thanks.  D

XACT BioReactor Debuts in Brazil

The XACT BioReactor had its debut in Brazil at the MERCOAGRO 2010 trade show this past week.  Our Brazilian

Intecnial's 5 x 15 BioReactor

Intecnial’s 5 x 15 BioReactor

partner, Intecnial, conducted many consultations about the remarkable composting that can be achieved with the BioReactor.  Well established in the construction and engineering industry and in a broad spectrum of sectors, Intecnial S.A., a company with over 2000 employees,  is now seriously involved in large scale organic waste composting projects.  And rightly so–Brazil has a population of 190 million people, and has a growing economy currently ranked 8th in the world.  With it’s fast growth, Brazil’s economy is projected in the decade or so to rank among the top 5 in world.  Intecnial’s leaders realize that with prosperity comes waste–and lots of it.  Because the in-vessel, rotating drum composter technology by XACT offers a sustainable management strategy to reliably and hastily convert solid organic waste to great compost with beneficial properties, it is an excellent “fit” for Intecnial’s and Brazil’s future.  Thanks for allowing us to be a part of it!!!

XACT BioReactor is Now on You Tube

View and share the XACT video of the BioReactor in action on You Tube by using this link:


It only takes 4 minutes to see the video, and in this short time, you will realize what the buzz is about!  The rugged drive train, the slow continuous rotation of the vessel, and the robust engineering.  If the video intrigues you and you need/want to go visit the site–that would be no problem.  It would be our pleasure to show you the ease of composting any solid organic waste with the XACT BioReactor.  Feel free to call 800-920-0630 any time for your personal consultation.  Many thanks.  D

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What is the Target for Your Community to Divert Solid Organic Waste From Landfills?

Many communities have set higher standards for waste diversion, yet have not achieved them for one reason or another.  What is the target for your community to divert solid organic waste from landfills?  Is there progress being made towards meeting those goals?   If not, what or who are the obstacles standing in the way?

Composting projects should be getting quicker approvals than they are .  How can we move these projects forward?

Many thanks, and keep in touch.  D

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What Amendments for Composting Would You Use?

Here at XACT Systems, we are regularly asked about amendments for composting organic waste.  Will I need them?  What will I use?  How much will I use?  You get the picture.

The short answer is…it depends (not useful information).  The long answer is that amendments are required when the C:N ratio of the waste itself is not close to the ideal ratio of 25:1.  When this is the case, which amendment to use and how much is calculated using the C:N ratio of the amendment in conjunction with that of the waste.   The website of Cornell University Composting website is an excellent resource in general and specifically has an index of a multitude of amendments and their typical characteristics (originally developed by the Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Services ).  Or save yourself some time, and let me send you this Table as a PDF.

Just as important from a business stand point, the amendment you most want to use is the one where it costs you nothing to obtain it, or better yet, one that you are being paid to dispose of for a 3rd party.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss your particular composting challenges and how the in-vessel rotating BioReactor by XACT can serve your purposes.  XACT Systems is dedicated to helping you acheive a SUCCESSFUL trouble-free, neighborhood-friendly composting process.

Many thanks.  D

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